Science Fiction in San Francisco

Science Fiction in San Francisco is a monthly series of author readings from the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and genre literary fields, hosted by Terry Bisson, and located at the American Bookbinder’s Museum.

Participating authors have included Kim Stanley Robinson, Daryl Gregory, Annalee Newitz, Robin Sloane, Charlie Jane Anders, and many others. Visit the SFinSF website to find out about upcoming events.

M. Luke McDonell helps record and produce a podcast of the event. Check out all the episodes here. The readings are great, but the Q&A is where the real action happens.




Not quite writing, but almost?

M. Luke McDonell created an illustration for the story “Little Freedoms” in Shoreline of Infinity, Issue 10. She’s been reading submissions for the pub for several years and was happy to be able to contribute in a new way. Shoreline published her story, “See You Later,” in 2014.


“Washing and Drying Over and Over Again” Published in Cold Creek Review

My nonfiction piece of laundry and relationships, titled “Washing and Drying Over and Over Again”, was just published in Cold Creek Review!

This piece was nearly five years in the making. I tell the story of a personal relationship examined the lens of laundry activities.

Although not mentioned explicitly in the story, I didn’t know how to do my laundry until my early twenties (my mom didn’t trust that I would do it right). Yet, I already had cultivated the idea that clothes must be clean to be worn. I instinctively sought a partner who had similar values. At the same time, the act of laundry—an everyday mundane task—became an important bonding activity for me. I lack the shamelessness that should come with doing laundry (because it has to be done!) so for me, it was an activity to be shared that built the basis of a relationship.

As a metaphor, relationships grow, detract, evolve through the years as do clothes during laundry. Every so often, we examine our clothing and decide that it needs a wash (and a fresh scent). Through cycles, we learn and grow.

So thrilled to finally share this piece with the world. Enjoy!


perihelionv3Great news!

M. Luke McDonell’s short story, “Resolution,” is live now on Perihelion, an online magazine that has been called “hardcore sci-fi at its best” and “treasure trove of all things futuristic.” Its stories have been reviewed in Locus magazine. This is her second professional publication.

“Resolution” explores the challenges of telepresence tourism and first dates.

“Virginia had a good connection to the inexpensive Ro-Body she’d rented for her trip to London, but the damn thing wouldn’t move. She sat paralyzed on a bench as the other tourists reeled around the walled-in area, giddy as New Year’s Eve drunks as they tried to figure out how to pilot their mechanical bodies.”

Yesterday: Lost & Found at Litcrawl

Lost & Found. Sometimes we’re lost. Sometimes we’re found. Sometimes we lose and find things. This year, eight writers will read original pieces that explore lost & found in everyday lives.

For the third year, we read at the great City Art Cooperative Gallery, sharing stories of unknown disasters, finding zen in the wrong place, receiving help from strangers, and more.

Thank you to everyone who made it!

Ice Cream Travel Guide Now Available!

Ice Cream Travel Guide is now available. The book chronicles visits to a dairy plant, the island where ice cream supposedly originated, and conversations with ice cream makers in Ice Cream Travel Guide. Meet former pastry chefs, Gelato University students, and fellow ice cream lovers. In the book, I seek to answer the question: why is ice cream so special for so many of us?

The book starts like this…

It all started with something cold.

Over four thousand years ago, valley civilizations, enveloped by humidity, gazed at snow-capped mountains. There, they saw the memories of past winters. Men climbed the mountains, packed up the snow, and lugged it back to their villages to be stored. 

Watch a reading presented at San Francisco Litcrawl 2014. Want to take a quick peek, read an excerpt.

Or better yet, get your own copy at