Yesterday: Lost & Found at Litcrawl

Lost & Found. Sometimes we’re lost. Sometimes we’re found. Sometimes we lose and find things. This year, eight writers will read original pieces that explore lost & found in everyday lives.

For the third year, we read at the great City Art Cooperative Gallery, sharing stories of unknown disasters, finding zen in the wrong place, receiving help from strangers, and more.

Thank you to everyone who made it!


Ice Cream Travel Guide Now Available!

Ice Cream Travel Guide is now available. The book chronicles visits to a dairy plant, the island where ice cream supposedly originated, and conversations with ice cream makers in Ice Cream Travel Guide. Meet former pastry chefs, Gelato University students, and fellow ice cream lovers. In the book, I seek to answer the question: why is ice cream so special for so many of us?

The book starts like this…

It all started with something cold.

Over four thousand years ago, valley civilizations, enveloped by humidity, gazed at snow-capped mountains. There, they saw the memories of past winters. Men climbed the mountains, packed up the snow, and lugged it back to their villages to be stored. 

Watch a reading presented at San Francisco Litcrawl 2014. Want to take a quick peek, read an excerpt.

Or better yet, get your own copy at


Litcrawl 2015

ASWG will be part of San Francisco’s Litcrawl again this year. The date is October 17th 2015, in Phase 2, which is 7:15 to 8:15 PM. The location is City Art Gallery which is at 828 Valencia Street. The theme this year is ‘facades’ and the attached meaning is this: An outward appearance that conceals a less pleasant or less credible reality.

Here is a link to ASWG’s Litcrawl page from 2014.

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Shoreline of Infinity Launches

soiGreat news! My short story, See You Later, is published in the first issue of a new Scottish science fiction magazine, Shoreline of Infinity.

“We feature brand new science fiction stories from writers from all over the world; we have an interview with Charles Stross; first in a regular column by Steve Green; a story competition; SF Caledonia, with a science fiction story from John Buchan; and reviews of recently and to be published books—including The Annihilation Score by the aforementioned Charles Stross.”

A print version is available from Amazon, and the epub version can be purchased there, or directly from the publisher.

I’m so happy to get this story out into the world and I hope you all enjoy it!


Live radio shows

LIVE RADIO SHOWS – I’m excited to announce a busy schedule, of live radio appearances over the next few weeks, in anticipation of the release of my new book ‘Secrets’ via Seventh Window Publications.

No Boundaries Radio show on April 1st with Jo Jo and William at!

No boundaries

Common Sense Paranormal with Rick Hale on April 30th at!


A Book and a Chat with Barry Eva in Mid-June at!

book and a chat

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Mark’s novella ‘Silver Horns’ a finalist for the Electric Book Award

Mark’s novella ‘Silver Horns,’ following critique by our group, has been deemed a finalist for the Electric Book Award by Alternating Current Press.

The piece is about an immigrant artist who journeys back to her native Ukraine to sit vigil by the bedside of her dying uncle. While she’s there, horns begin to sprout from her scalp, leading her to misadventure and much suffering. She must confront her transformation and her destiny.

Mark’s story ‘Bullet in the Back’ published in Baltimore Review

My short story “Bullet in the Back” won third prize in the Baltimore Review Winter 2015 contest, and has been published in their latest issue. Read it here.

The story concerns the plight of a movie extra working on a film set on an airliner. He finds himself jammed in the middle seat, and he might be there ten or twelve hours a day for weeks as they shoot this movie. A hellish prospect.

The story was inspired by the 2014 film “Non-Stop,” which takes place almost entirely on an airliner. This YouTube video, shot on the set, includes a number of action shots with extras in the background, screaming, cowering, and doing movie extra things. I’ve always been interested in strange and unusual jobs.