Our past members have helped made the group what it is today. They are always welcomed to take part of any public events Alabama Street Writers Group may be reading.


Joy Morgenstern writes about things that she wishes the world had more of, like magic, justice, monsters, and interesting people.

Mark Pritchard (http://toobeautiful.org) is the author of two books of stories, “How I Adore You” and “Too Beautiful and Other Stories.” His story “Little Big Death” is in the new anthology MODERN SHORTS. With his late wife Cris Gutierrez he founded Frighten the Horses, a sex-and-politics zine that lasted from 1990 to 1994. Twitter: MarkPritchard


Jenny Beth Schaffer, a prolific stage performer, has now turned her attention to the written page, with great delight and a sense of adventure. Twitter: @actionjenny


Maureen Noonburg (www.marianisima.com) is the author of “The Wizard of EASE,” an urban fantasy novel set in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. She is currently writing about Big Foot, bartenders, and beermakers.  Twitter: @mknoonburg


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