Ice Cream Travel Guide Now Available!

Ice Cream Travel Guide is now available. The book chronicles visits to a dairy plant, the island where ice cream supposedly originated, and conversations with ice cream makers in Ice Cream Travel Guide. Meet former pastry chefs, Gelato University students, and fellow ice cream lovers. In the book, I seek to answer the question: why is ice cream so special for so many of us?

The book starts like this…

It all started with something cold.

Over four thousand years ago, valley civilizations, enveloped by humidity, gazed at snow-capped mountains. There, they saw the memories of past winters. Men climbed the mountains, packed up the snow, and lugged it back to their villages to be stored. 

Watch a reading presented at San Francisco Litcrawl 2014. Want to take a quick peek, read an excerpt.

Or better yet, get your own copy at



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