How Alabama Street Writer’s Group started

One day an idea popped into my head, “I want to start a writer’s group”. I found myself writing and re-writing, essentially pushing words around on paper, consequently not being as productive as I would like. So, I posted an ad on Craigslist and reserved a community meeting room at the library. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was fairly certain there were other writers out there, like me, who wanted to workshop their ideas and get feedback. The group, which would eventually be named the ‘Alabama Street Writer’s Group (ASWG)’, began meeting in July 2012. We have subsequently met at the library, in a church and in a few different member’s homes. The group format has remained unchanged since its inception. Each writer gets a turn in the rotation and we pass out up to 25 pages of writing per meeting. We give each other feedback (verbal and written), write in every fiction genre and follow a schedule. Motivating, meeting regularly, supporting, giving honest opinions and developing friendships has been a formula for success.

Join us for our first public event, Litcrawl at City Art Gallery, on October 18 at seven o’clock. See you there!


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